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Chris Huhne promises Britain will speed up switch to green energy

Posted on the 04 January, 2011 at 10:37 am Written by in Blog, Europe, Fuel prices, Government

The increase in the amount of energy generated from renewable sources in the UK over the next decade will surpass that of every other EU Member State, according to Chris Huhne. The energy and climate change secretary conceded the UK’s poor standing in EU’s renewable energy rankings, and said the UK has “a massive catch up” to do.

According to the latest official figures, in 2008 the UK ranked third from bottom on renewable energy in the EU ahead of only Luxembourg and Malta.

“We are exceeded in our paucity of delivery only by Malta and Luxembourg. This is the legacy we have inherited. The essential legacy is pretty damn poor. We have got massive catch up. We will be the fastest improving country on renewables in the EU between now and 2020. I’m absolutely determined about that and it will happen.”

The UK has been sluggish in getting its renewable industry off the ground, but investment has started to pick up dramatically in the last few years, particularly in offshore wind farms.

A recent report carried out by Bloomberg Energy Finance for Pew Charitable Trusts forecast that, based on current policies, $114bn (£73bn) would be invested in renewable energy in Britain between 2010 and 2020, the fourth highest amount in the world. Germany will spend more, but its rate of investment will fall, according to the report. Huhne’s comments will reassure environmentalists that David Cameron’s post-election pledge to be the “greenest government ever” remains a priority.

Source: This article first appeared at the Guardian. See the full article in BusinessGreen