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PM’s unveils plans for growth – Green energy to play a major role

Posted on the 06 January, 2011 at 8:36 pm Written by in Blog, Finance, Government

The Prime Minister delivered a speech in Manchester today unveiling the Government’s plans to help drive growth and create jobs across the country.

He said:

“Getting behind tourism, green energy, pharmaceuticals, advanced manufacturing, aerospace, the industries of the future – all this is crucial.

“But it would be a big mistake if we stopped at those big ticket industries. Because if you look at where growth has come from in recent years, you see that it’s the small, innovative companies that hold a lot of the potential.”

PV FIT Ltd Managing Director, David Houston, welcomed this news by saying “as a small business we welcomed the introduction of the very attractive Feed-in Tariffs in April ’10 as it gave a stable platform to innovate and grow. Since FIT’s were introduced there has been a lot of speculation on the coalitions commitment to the previous Governments renewables policy. This fresh statement of intent to help develop green energy is very encouraging”.

David went on to say “our long term strategy is to become a major player in the renewables sector, creating local jobs in Chester, as well as expanding our nationwide installer network. I’ll look forward to learning how the coalition are going to support us in achieving this goal over the coming months, and years”.

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Source: http://www.number10.gov.uk/news/topstorynews/2011/01/pm-unveils-strategy-for-growth-58464