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Breaking News – Feed In Tariffs rates confirmed

Posted on the 09 June, 2011 at 11:01 am Written by in Blog, Feed In Tariff, Finance, Government, Incentives, Technology

The Government has today announced its decisions on the fast-track consultation for the Feed in Tariffs.

There is no change to the rates proposed in the consultation, meaning Solar PV systems with Total Installed Capacity (TIC) of 50kW and above installed and commissioned after the 1st of August 2011 will now receive:

As we reported in our FIT review article on the 31st May these changes do not affect PV systems below 50kW where tariff levels remain at the higher rates – see: Feed In Tariffs (FIT).

Many in the industry geared up to specialise in large schemes will now be left out in the dark. Although rates of return of 5-8% will still be achievable, many investors have had their fingers burnt, which has also resulted in banks confidence in lending to such schemes being damaged.

If you have a Solar PV scheme below 50kW please contact our team for a free consultation.