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PV FIT insurance backed solar warranty

Posted on the 15 August, 2011 at 1:04 pm Written by in Blog, Feed In Tariff, Finance, Quality & Service

All PV FIT solar energy systems now come with greater peace of mind due to a 5 year independent insurance backed guarantee covering your whole solar PV installation.

With the launch of the governments solar feed in tariff (FIT) scheme in April 2010 solar photovoltaic systems offer very attractive investment propositions in today’s financial markets.

FITs pay an above market rate for every kWh (unit) of renewable electricity you generate at home, or work, which is index linked to Retail Price Index (RPI) and government guaranteed for 25 years. Solar energy systems installed by homeowners also benefit on no tax being chargeable on any earnings from the scheme. Coupled with ever rising fuel prices no wonder solar power is the fastest growing renewable source of energy in the UK today!

Despite the high uptake and reducing cost of equipment, a typical solar photovoltaic system (10-16 panels) will still set you back between £9-13,000 including 5% VAT. This means installing PV is the next most expensive purchase to a house, or car. PV FIT recognise this and are pleased to confirm that all new installations now come with an independent insurance backed guarantee covering deposits and workmanship as standard, without any additional cost to you.

Independent Warranty Association (IWA), whom are Financial Services Authority approved providers of insurance, offer a comprehensive service whereby they assess prospective member companies against a strict set of financial, service, quality and customer satisfaction. Only on passing IWA’s audit can solar installation companies become members and offer their “Deposit and Guarantee Insurance” product.

The IWA insurance has many benefits over other policies on the market as:

  • It covers contracts up to the value of £50,000
  • There is nothing for you to pay – not even an excess in the unlikely event you had to claim
  • The policy is fully transferable should you come to sell your home
  • IWA have been selling insurance backed guarantees on home improvement services for over 25 years

We will be shortly posting a specimen policy which outlines full T&C’s onto our Solar Warranty page.

In addition to the workmanship guarantees all the products we offer also come with manufacturers warranties. We ensure that all equipment is manufactured, or if not the company have a significant presence, within the EU by suppliers whom offer the best quality product and service.

As our 5 year insurance backed guarantee is workmanship based we do recommend that you contact your building and contents insurer to get cover the your PV FIT installation against fire, theft, etc.

To get a free solar survey and for more information on costs, equipment and the installation process visit www.pvfit.co.uk or call us on *0344 567 9032.

*no more than 4.6p/min peak rate from landlines, or free from many contract mobile phone providers