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Huhne pledges to ‘get tough’ with energy companies

Posted on the 22 September, 2011 at 9:27 am Written by in Blog, Fuel prices, Government, Incentives

Energy Secretary Chris Huhne has said he is determined to “get tough” with the six biggest energy companies, in his speech to the Lib Dem conference.

Mr Huhne also said he wants to help smaller companies get a share of the market.

He wants to do this by ending the practice by the biggest firms of luring new customers with cheap deals paid for by charging millions of their consumers high bills.

Mr Huhne said: “It is not fair that big energy companies can push their prices up for the vast majority of their consumers – who do not switch – while introducing cut-throat offers for new customers that stop small firms entering the market.

“That looks to me like predatory pricing. It must and will stop.”

What Mr Huhne has not talked about in his speech, however, is the scandal of energy companies imposing massive increases on consumers and blaming the wholesalers – when in some cases the wholesalers are those same energy companies.

Making the case for a low-carbon economy, which Mr Huhne claimed will eventually lead to far cheaper energy for everyone in the country, he said Britain is in danger of falling behind the emerging industrial nations.