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Feed in Tariff – certainty of 21p FIT rate as minimum

Posted on the 17 January, 2012 at 4:56 pm Written by in Blog, Feed In Tariff, Government, Incentives

As we explained in our article on the 11th Jan, it has been nigh on impossible to determine what the current FIT rates are, which has dented consumer confidence.

DECC has now said that following confirmation that there will be a hearing of its appeal against the JR finding it can now state the following regarding tariffs – which should help to reduce the uncertainty:

The tariff rate for PV installations less than or equal to 4kW will not fall below 21p for installations with an eligibility date between 12th December 2011 and 31st March 2012.

21p/kWh means a 4kW system on a South facing roof currently offers a 10% rate of return – that is until 31st March when FIT rates could reduce further, and home energy rating of level C or above may be introduced.

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