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FIT Update and customer offers

Posted on the 13 March, 2012 at 5:26 pm Written by in Government

Latest news on the Feed In Tariff

Recent changes to the feed in tariff scheme have seen installation levels rise and fall due to the uncertainty caused by the governments changes including:

Two failed, and one ongoing, government appeals against judges rulings that their retrospective changes to FITs in December 2011 were illegal
Plan B imposed a revised, this time legal, reference date for the reduction in FIT rates to 21p/kWh for <4kW arrays of 3rd March 2012

Customers who proceeded with their PV installations between 12th December and 3rd March still have no idea whether they will qualify for the pre-12th Dec rates, that is until a decision is reached in the governments controversial appeal.

In addition to tariff levels there are changes to the eligibility criteria, and further proposed changes to the scheme…

Deadline 1 – 31st March
As of the 1st April all properties where customer propose to install a solar PV system must have an Energy Performance Certificate (EPC). The EPC must demonstrate that their property achieves a minimum level ‘D’.

Deadline 2 – 1st JULY
Still out to consultation are the cost control measures for PV which propose reductions to tariffs every 6 months for all new installations. Based on how the government have managed previous “consultations” it is very likely that such changes will be implemented, irrespective of public or industry points of view. This could see cuts of up to 35% from the new 21p rate as of the 1st of July.

PV FIT have equipment in stock and installation teams ready to assist any customers wishing to proceed with a PV installation between now and the 1st of July. Even at 21p, solar PV still offers great rates of return due to recent and ongoing reductions in the cost of equipment.

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Offer 1 – Refer a friend
If you refer a friend and they proceed with a PV FIT installation we will refund £200 against the original cost of your PV installation! There is no limit on the number of people you recommend so if you know anyone interested in a PV system get in touch with:

  1. Your friends name, address and contact details along with your original quote reference, or
  2. Pass on our contact details and ask them to quote your original quotation number

Offer 2 – Energy Performance Certificate Refund
The cost from PV FIT for a domestic Energy Performance Certificate is £99 including VAT. We are offering a full refund of the EPC cost for all customers who proceed with a PV FIT installation post 1st April, where their property achieves a level D. We can arrange everything so please get in touch today to book your EPC survey.