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Oct 31

DECC have today confirmed the booming solar industries worst fears by publishing their “consultation” on feed in tariff cuts for PV systems.

The table above shows the proposed deep cuts will apply to all new installations completed after the 12th December 2011. This gives customers and installers just 6 weeks to complete any existing contracts at the current rates.What’s more although the proposals are “out for consultation” the changes in tariff levels come into effect before the consultation is due to close on the 23rd December.

David Houston, Director at Chester based PV FIT Ltd, says: “Today’s announcement confirms our worst fears and makes a mockery of the coalitions claims to be behind renewables and their intention to ween people off centralised produced power”.

The proposed domestic tariff levels, which are apparently “out to consultation”, mean a 4kW pv system on an optimum South facing roof will now take 11.3 years to payback, up from 6.5 years under current tariff levels.

“We accept that costs of PV equipment have come down in the 18 months since the FITs were introduces in April 2010. These savings however only translate to a 30% saving on a fully installed system. A knee-jerk 50% cut to FITs is disproportionate and will severely affect investor confidence in a sector which has already seen large PV systems disappear over night due to similar draconian cuts earlier this year” says Houston.

The full details of the comprehensive review for PV FITs consultation can be found on DECC’s website. Other proposed changes include:

Introduce new multi-installation tariff rates for aggregated solar PV schemes i.e. where a single individual or organisation owns or receives FIT payments from more than one PV installation, located on different sites.

a new energy efficiency requirement for FITs for solar PV (see section 3 of consultation for more detail). The new requirement would apply to all new solar PV installations with an eligibility date on or after 1 April 2012 which are attached to or wired to provide electricity to a building.

What next?

Many are predicting a solar gold-rush up to the government’s imposed cut-off point of 12th December, after which solar firms will be left to reassess their offerings. There are likely to be severe job cuts in an industry which has created over 20,000 new jobs in the past year.

David Houston advised,  “PV FIT currently have spare capacity in the lead up to the 12th December. To avoid disappointment you will need to book your installation ASAP – if you haven’t already had a quote we can survey over the phone in 10 minutes and will email a quote same day”.

In the lead up to 12th December PV FIT are offering full installation at following prices:

Call today for your free solar PV quotation on 0344 567 9032 or fill in our free solar survey.

Aug 15

All PV FIT solar energy systems now come with greater peace of mind due to a 5 year independent insurance backed guarantee covering your whole solar PV installation.

With the launch of the governments solar feed in tariff (FIT) scheme in April 2010 solar photovoltaic systems offer very attractive investment propositions in today’s financial markets.

FITs pay an above market rate for every kWh (unit) of renewable electricity you generate at home, or work, which is index linked to Retail Price Index (RPI) and government guaranteed for 25 years. Solar energy systems installed by homeowners also benefit on no tax being chargeable on any earnings from the scheme. Coupled with ever rising fuel prices no wonder solar power is the fastest growing renewable source of energy in the UK today!

Despite the high uptake and reducing cost of equipment, a typical solar photovoltaic system (10-16 panels) will still set you back between £9-13,000 including 5% VAT. This means installing PV is the next most expensive purchase to a house, or car. PV FIT recognise this and are pleased to confirm that all new installations now come with an independent insurance backed guarantee covering deposits and workmanship as standard, without any additional cost to you.

Independent Warranty Association (IWA), whom are Financial Services Authority approved providers of insurance, offer a comprehensive service whereby they assess prospective member companies against a strict set of financial, service, quality and customer satisfaction. Only on passing IWA’s audit can solar installation companies become members and offer their “Deposit and Guarantee Insurance” product.

The IWA insurance has many benefits over other policies on the market as:

  • It covers contracts up to the value of £50,000
  • There is nothing for you to pay – not even an excess in the unlikely event you had to claim
  • The policy is fully transferable should you come to sell your home
  • IWA have been selling insurance backed guarantees on home improvement services for over 25 years

We will be shortly posting a specimen policy which outlines full T&C’s onto our Solar Warranty page.

In addition to the workmanship guarantees all the products we offer also come with manufacturers warranties. We ensure that all equipment is manufactured, or if not the company have a significant presence, within the EU by suppliers whom offer the best quality product and service.

As our 5 year insurance backed guarantee is workmanship based we do recommend that you contact your building and contents insurer to get cover the your PV FIT installation against fire, theft, etc.

To get a free solar survey and for more information on costs, equipment and the installation process visit or call us on *0344 567 9032.

*no more than 4.6p/min peak rate from landlines, or free from many contract mobile phone providers

Jan 28

PV FIT are pleased to announce that we have gained CHAS accreditation which externally validates our Health & Safety policies and practices.

The Association of London Government Health and Safety Forum licensed Merton Council as the CHAS administrator and promoter. CHAS is designed to show a suppliers compliance with minimum Health & Safety standards desired for work for public and private sector groups, which helps to reduce duplication of H&S competence assessments as compliance is recognised by all CHAS buyers.

David Houston, Managing Director PV FIT Ltd says, “As Microgeneration certification Scheme approved installers of solar PV equipment, PV FIT are committed to safety throughout our organisation and in all part of the services we deliver. Gaining CHAS accreditation, in addition to our MCS approved solar installer status, demonstrates to our customers that we work to stringent safety standards, whether working at customers homes, businesses or on construction sites”.

PV FIT offer a FREE solar survey service for their Feed-in Tariff (FIT) eligible solar energy equipment. A survey usually takes 20 minutes over the phone and we will send you a fixed price quotation for supply and installation of a PV system on same day. A average customer can expect to earn £1000+ per year tax free, which is Government backed for 25 years.

If you would like to learn more about MCS, CHAS or get a solar quotation please call us on 0844 567 9032 or fill in our contact form today.