Solar PV Installation in Meldreth near Royston, Hertfordshire (3.92kW)

In May 2011, PV Fit installed a 3.92kWp solar PV system for Angus Dudley in Meldreth near Royston, Hertfordshire.

Angus had contemplated solar energy some time ago, having already installed solar thermal panels for his hot water. With the introduction of the Feed In Tariff photovoltaics become a much more attractive investment opportunity prompting him to research the latest technology.

On contacting PV FIT, Angus completed a 20-minute telephone survey. We identified that the rear roof faced SW and that we could fit 16 solar panels in 2 rows of 8 portrait. We specified EU manufactured equipment, solar modules manufactured by Siliken in Spain, and solar inverter by Nedap in Holland.

Mr Dudley is now benefiting from the Governments tax free Feed-in Tariff (FIT) scheme which is offering them an estimated annual return of over 12% per year on his investment!

Quick system facts

  • 3.92 kWp system
  • Concrete tile roof fixing system – no penetrations through tiles
  • Nedap PowerRouter solar inverter – includes free web monitoring which also allows us to monitor system performance remotely
  • Predicted system payback 8 years

Solar and FIT return

  • System size: 3.92 kW / 25.92m2
  • Annual output (SAP 2009): 3221 kWh (units)
  • Annual FIT/Export/Savings: *£1,394
  • 25 year income/savings: *£34,863
  • Annual CO2 savings: 1,739 kg CO2
  • Solar panels 16 x Siliken Monocrystalline 245Wp
  • Inverter Nedap PowerRouter 3700W – with built in web monitoring system


  • PV FIT 2 years
  • Siliken solar panel 10 years. Performance: 97% for 1 years, 80% for 2-25 years (0.7% reduction per year)
  • Nedap inverter 5 years