Solar PV Installation in Christchurch, Dorset (2.6kW)

In March 2011, PV Fit installed a 2.6kWp solar PV system for Mr & Mrs MacKinnon in Christchurch, Dorset.

MacKinnon, Christchurch

MacKinnon, Christchurch

The 13 panel PV array is located on South facing roof at front of their property. We designed the solar PV array to maximise the available roof space surrounding an existing flat plate solar thermal system. Our eventual design was for a 2.6kWp system consisting of 13 x 200Wp Caymax monocrystalline panels. The MacKinnon’s also benefit from the Nedap PowerRouter inverters built in web monitoring system.

Mr & Mrs MacKinnon are now benefitting from the Governments tax free Feed-in Tariff (FIT) scheme which is estimated to offer them an annual return of over 11% per year on their investment.

Quick system facts

  • 2.6 kWp system
  • Concrete tile roof fixing system lifting panels above roof covering
  • Nedap PowerRouter solar inverter – includes free web monitoring which also allows us to monitor system performance remotely
  • Predicted system payback 8.44 years

Solar and FIT return

  • System size: 2.6 kW / 16.64m2
  • Annual output (SAP 2009): 2,232 kWh (units)
  • Annual FIT/Export/Savings: *£1,157
  • 25 year income/savings: *£28,930
  • Annual CO2 savings: 1,267 kg CO2
  • Solar panels 13 x Caymax SST Monocrystalline 200Wp
  • Inverter Nedap PowerRouter 3000W – with built in web monitoring system


  • PV FIT 2 years
  • Caymax solar panel 5 years. No less than 90% original panel rated output (Wp) for 10 year, through to no less than 80% for 25 years
  • Nedap inverter 5 years