Solar PV Installation in Nobottle, Northampton (3.675kW)

In April 2011, PV Fit installed a 3.675kWp solar PV system for Mrs Tucker in Nobottle, Northampton.

The 15 panel PV array is located on Mrs Tuckers South facing roof at rear of property . The solar panels are positioned in portrait to maximise the available roof space, including 1 panel located beneath an existing solar hot water system.

Mrs Tucker is now benefiting from the Governments tax free Feed-in Tariff (FIT) scheme which is offering her an estimated annual return of over 13% per year on her investment!

Mrs Tucker says: “I would like to thank you (PV FIT Ltd) for all the help and support you have given me over the past couple of months while I contemplated the roof panels. Not many firms would have replied so quickly to my emails and explained everything as clearly as you did”.

Quick system facts

  • 3.675 kWp system
  • Concrete tile roof fixing system lifting panels above roof covering
  • Nedap PowerRouter solar inverter – includes free web monitoring which also allows us to monitor system performance remotely
  • Predicted system payback 7.64 years

Solar and FIT return

  • System size: 3.675 kW / 24.45m2
  • Annual output (SAP 2009): 3154 kWh (units)
  • Annual FIT/Export/Savings: *£1,635
  • 25 year income/savings: *£40,875
  • Annual CO2 savings: 1,703 kg CO2
  • Solar panels 15 x Sharp Monocrystalline 245Wp
  • Inverter Nedap PowerRouter 3700W – with built in web monitoring system


  • PV FIT 2 years
  • Sharp solar panel 5 years. Performance: 90% for 10 years, 80% for 25 years
  • Nedap inverter 5 years

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