Solar PV Installation on new flats development in Norwood, London (12.25kWp)

This three story new build development in Norwood South London provides modern suburban living spaces. Solar PV systems were specified as part of a building package designed to meet current insulation and Carbon Saving Standards.

The Development has two flat roof areas at different levels and both are paved with slabs making them ideal for the installation of Solar PV systems. As the roof areas were strongly built Solar panel supported on ballasted none penetrating brackets were specified by MPK. With both roof areas facing south the angled solar panels will make maximum use of the available sunlight to produce electricity.

Space on the roof areas was however limited and the latest high power Solar panels with a rating of 245Wp per panel were installed to minimise the number required


The arrays of panels and the associated wiring strings were designed with great care so that the system could be accepted by the DNO (Electricity supply Company) as being within the G83 specification range. This ensured that considerable additional cost in the supply of additional control and monitoring equipment was avoided.

  • Solar Panels – 50 No. Sharp 245Wp (36 No. on main roof and 14 No. on lower roof)
  • Inverter Type – 3 No. SMA Sunnyboy inverters
  • Monitoring – by meter at low level
  • System output – 12.25 kWp
  • Annual output – 9552.00 Kwh PA (estimated)