Solar Monitoring Equipment

At PV FIT we know that you will naturally want to monitor how your solar investment is performing throughout it’s lifetime.

We offer a choice of monitoring equipment….

Our design team can help you decide on the type of monitoring equipment which suits you best.  There are a range of systems on the market which vary in price so we are here to ensure we match the correct device to you.

Internet Connectivity

Monitoring the performance of your solar panels, and more importantly the revenue generated, is now even easier with our range of excellent Nedap PowerRouter inverters.

Built-in internet connectivity allows you to check the performance from anywhere in the world, via any internet connected device including smart phones e.g. iPhone.

The Nedap PowerRouter allows us to monitor the health of your system throughout it’s life time without having to visit your home. Your inverter will automatically notify us if there is an error, which we can fix over your internet connection without having to visit you. The PowerRouter enables PV FIT to offer fast and efficient customer support, ensuring your investment is protected for years to come.

New features due Q4 2012 include;

  • Ability tomonitor what you use and what you don’t with new current sensor
  • Battery self use add-on allowing you to use up to 80% of the energy your pv panels generates
  • Energy management system which automatically switches on an appliance such as your immersion heater, whenever you have surplus energy

Generation meter – typically installed near your consumer unit (fuse board), the OFGEM approved generation meter records the amount of solar energy your system has generated. You must use this meter reading when reporting meter readings, usually quarterly, to your chosen energy supplier when claiming your feed in tariff payments.

Inverter – the inverter has a performance display. As the inverter is usually located in the loft so it may not be easily accessible for you to read it regularly.

Portable display – other types of inverter, such as SMA SunnyBoy, offer neat portable power displays. The SunnyBeam use Bluetooth to talk to your inverter, which reports energy generation figures back to your display. The device is solar powered, by small pv cell on the back of it, and will also report if a fault occurs.