Solar Warranty

You will benefit from a 5 year insurance backed warranty on all parts and equipment, during which period we will resolve any unlikely faults at no extra charge.

We feel customer peace of mind is very important, and as the world is an mainly an uncertain place we are pleased to confirm there is no uncertainty following a PV FIT installation.

In the unlikely event we were to go out of business you can be assured that any problems you have will be rectified through our insurance backed warranty. If we hadn’t already started work your deposit and advance payments would also be covered!

What’s more we will also pass onto to you any product warranty offered by the equipment manufacturers…

Solar PV panels

We only only install top branded MCS certified solar panels. Each manufacturer offers it’s own warranty terms, here’s some examples…

325 Sunforte Mono BenQ-PM245P00

The 320W Sunforte module which has a 19.6% efficiency, meaning it is one of the most efficient panels on the market. USPs:

  • Requires fewer panels to achieve any system size (12 x 320W = 3.84kWp vs 12 x 250W = 3kWp)
  • Maximises any roof area
  • High voltage
  • Black frame offers great aesthetics

We will provide you data sheets for the solar panels we propose to install based on our survey and quotation. We are not tied into any one supplier so please tell us if you would like us to use a specific brand or model of panel for your project.

Solar Inverters

Your inverter will typically come with a free 5 year product warranty, details of which will be supplied in your handover pack on completion. For some brands of inverter the warranty can be extended to 10-20 years for an extra fee.

You will likely need to replace your inverter once during the lifetime of your system, which at current rates can cost between £500-1500, therefore it may be worth considering upgrading your inverter warranty. Inverter costs are likely to reduce in the future as the UK’s solar energy market develops, as is shown by more developed markets in Germany & elsewhere on the continent where FIT’s have been available for a number of years.

Maintenance Contracts

PV systems are typically very low maintenance however for greater peace of mind we can provide annual maintenance contract as an optional extra. You can opt into this at any time within your PV FIT 5 year warranty period.

We will ensure that all warranty terms are explained and supporting information provided with your quotation. Get your free solar survey today!