No suitable roof?

You really want to take advantage of the UK Feed-in Tariff but your property does not have a suitable roof?

Ideally a solar photovoltaic system should be located on an un-shaded roof, which faces South, South East or South West. East and West roofs are OK and still offer a healthy income.

You don’t necessarily need to locate the solar panels on the roof of your main property as we offer solutions for outbuildings, flat roofs and ground mounted systems.

What can make a property unsuitable is:

  • Only Northerly aspect available
  • Significant shading by trees, chimneys or other buildings
  • Insufficient space due to dormer or roof windows, hips in roof
  • There is asbestos present
  • The roof is in structurally poor condition
  • You don’t own a roof or suitable outdoor area

In event that you fall into any of the categories above we would love to hear from you, as we may be able to match you up customers with suitable roofs but without the available capital. As the Feed-in Tariff can be signed over to a 3rd party it enables you to invest in solar technology, without necessarily having it installed on your own home.

In a similar way to “rent-a-roof” or “free pv” schemes the homeowner or tenant where the solar panels are installed would benefit from savings on their fuel bills which constitutes the “rent” element, whilst you get the benefits of FIT and income from exported energy. The equipment would remain your property for full 25 year of FIT, even if the current occupant moves.

If you’re worried about having equipment installed on a strangers roof, you may find you have friends, family or colleagues keen to go green but can’t due to cost that may offer a better alternative.

We do not have any working examples to date but keen to pilot a scheme subject to demand. Please contact us if you wish to register your interest.